Rental Rate Sheet

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium Rental rates & fees for:

The Brown & Williamson Club

The PNC Club & Press Lounge

Thank you for considering the spaces at PJCS for your event.  We consider our stadium the best venue in town for myriad of events that are light years away from football. 

The B & W Club is a uniquely elegant space that can accommodate 500 seated or 1,000 for a reception and the Press Lounge makes a great site for meetings or more intimate affairs. 

The PNC Club can accommodate 200 people seated or 600 for a reception. 

The parking is ample and free, the views spectacular, and we can take care of just about every detail for a worry free event.  Below is some information to help you decide that we’re the right place, once that’s done, give me a call, let me show you the clubs or lounge and discuss one on one every important detail of your event.


   B & W Club & PNC Club   Press Lounge
Daily & Sunday – Thursday Evening Rates    
$150 $750
Friday Evening Rate
$300 $1500
Saturday Evening Rate
$300 $1800

Maximum rental – 5 hours with alcohol)


Rental rates include set up, clean up and access arrangements made for deliveries.  Food and beverage minimum apply to all events in the Brown & Williamson Club & PNC Club and weekend events in the Press Lounge.  All food and beverage sales must equal the minimum or the client will be responsible for the difference.  Centerplate Corporation reserves the right to waive food & beverage minimums.

Food & Beverage Minimums
Brown & Williamson Club & PNC Club:

Groups 200 or less – guarantee due 3 business days in advance     $2500

Groups 201 or more – guarantee due 5 business days in advance   $5000

Press Lounge

Groups up to 100 – guarantee due 3 business days in advance       $500

Additional Amenities Fees:

Dance Floor – 24’ x 24’ parquet floor $500
Use of the in-house TV monitors (20 throughout the club level) $100
Internet Access $25
One section stage, podium, and microphone $50
Additional sections of stage (total of three 6’ x 8’ sections available) $25
Additional Microphones (2 wireless & 2 stand mics available) $25
Screen (one 6’ x 6’ available) $26
Easels (4 available) $5 each
Hurricane Candle Centerpiece with Mirror base $10 each
Mirror Tiles or Votive Candles $2 each
Skirted Tables (registration and award table no charge) $35 each
Tablecloths – Floor Length 60” round – (color) $25
Tablecloths – Floor Length 60” round – (white) $20
Tablecloths – Floor Length 8' $20
*standard white, or black tablecloths are included at no additional charge  
If minimums are waived by Centerplate Corporation then the following fees will apply:  
Tables (60” rounds or 8’) – Up to 25 - 8’ tables in house $10 each
Tables (8’) – Rented with outside purveyor $15 each
Tablecloths Floor length 8’ $20 each
Tablecloths $10 each
Chairs $3 each

*these prices include set up and breakdown labor Labor during the event – 4 hour minimum at $20.00 per hour per person

All Food & Beverage is Subject to 21% Service Charge & 6% Sales Tax  


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